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Occasional and Occasionally Funny Blog by June

I forgot I had a blog

I forgot I had a blog!  (at Whitby Abbey, Whitby, England)

Has that ever happened to you?  I mean, I knew I had a blog many years ago, starting in 2000 on my very first website, in the days when no one used the word "blog" and if you did, someone would probably think you were sipping Christmas wine and trying to say "big dog" or "blurry hog" or "bugger my log" ...  And in those days, I would add to the "blurry hog" every day or two, and people would visit and say nice things...


But in the decades since...  I guess instead of a "blurry log" I have been writing other things. 


I wrote a novel last year and have been working on revising it.  I like it.  It's funny.  (But revising it is not as much fun as writing it.)  And I'm writing children's poems, inspired by the fact that I got two published in a really cool hardcover collection of children's poems called "Midnight Feasts."  (Bloomsbury UK.)  Seriously, this is an awesome book.  And the illustrations are gorgeous.  And I get to appear alongside Lewis Carroll and William Carlos Williams.  I mean, wow.  (I was in one movie in my life and I had a scene with Bugs Bunny, so... it's like that!)


(Would William Carlos Williams be happy to learn he had been compared to Bugs Bunny?  Perhaps!)


Also, I'm traveling.... like... a lot. 


I haven't been home since mid-August, which is a really funny thing.  (Ask my cat, who is at the neighbor's and who probably thinks my being away is hilarious.)  My first part of the traveling was to help out with a study-abroad program in Nottingham for Luther College.  And then, my husband flew out and joined me, and since then we have been traveling.  The UK and now in Belgium.  We stay a week at a time (or more) in once place.  We call it "slow-motion traveling."  We spent 3 weeks in North Wales because we just liked it and saw no point in moving.  (I highly recommend north Wales!!)  Last week we were in Bruges, and this week we are in Antwerp, Belgium. It's a nice way to travel, to just plop yourself in a place and "see what you can see."  I highly recommend  "slow-motion traveling."


Sorry.  I mean, about the blog thing.  I should probably keep in touch.  I do love people, and I miss my old friends.  And by old friends I mean everyone I've met here and there and who are no longer living "here," wherever "here" is.


And now that I've told you a couple of things, and seen some of the other pictures I could have uploaded, I kinda wish I had added more "blurry hogs" during the last months while traveling.


Hmm...  it's been fun posting this.  Perhaps I'll do more?? 

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