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Occasional and Occasionally Funny Blog by June

Ye gods! The smell!

When I was in graduate school about ten years ago (really? really? ten years?) I spent a lot of time in the University of Iowa computer lab. It was a large room the size of a basketball court located on an upper floor in the main library. Most days it was full of students aged 18 - 22, and coincidentally smelled like it was full of students aged 18 - 22.  Read More 
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Goals for the New Year 2018!

I am sitting down to dream up my goals for the year. Honestly, I think the Prime Goal of the New Year is to experiment.

No, no.

The Prime Goal and Directive #1 is to Not Fall Into the Mouth of an Active Volcano and get moltenized by molten rock. I imagine molten rock being  Read More 
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