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Events and classes in 2018

SIGN UP for June's Occasional and Occasionally Humorous Newsletter for almost monthly updates and sometimes helpful bits and links. Okay, so the newsletter has been delayed due to a significant rush of real-life events, including: writing a new book, eating ice cream, petting the little kitty who goes purr, purr, purr. But a new newsletter is on the way. Sign-up any time!


"The Story of the Tree Bark" -- a very short fairy tale that takes place on a farm, was just published in Ilanot Review, and you can read it there. 


June has an essay about Ants that is a semi-finalist for the Creative Nonfiction contest in The Offbeat, a journal from Michigan State (and waiting to hear the results...)

New poems and pieces have been accepted and are forthcoming:
Wisconsin Public Radio, "Wisconsin Life" (to air during "Morning Edition")
Spank the Carp, a super cool journal


June 11, 2018, Dragonfly Books, Decorah, IA
June Melby and Keith Lesmeister team up once again to amaze and confound.

May 14, 2018. Worcester, MA.Dirty Gerund

March 13, 2018. Chevalier’s Books on Larchmont. Los Angeles, CA.

March 14, 2018. Ugly Mug, Orange, CA
June is featuring at the long-running series.