June Melby

writer, spoken word artist, mammal

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Speaking in Oconto where My Famiy and Other Hazards was chosen for their "all county read."
June Melby is an author and a performer, a former standup comedian, and slam poet. She grew up on a 1950s era miniature golf course that her family owned and operated for 30 years and she wrote a book about the experience, My Family and Other Hazards (Holt 2014). It was on the New York Times Bestseller list and won the Midwest Connections Award. She loves to travel and has performed in cities all over the world, from Los Angeles, to London, Munich, Hamburg, and Amsterdam. She teaches creative writing at the Iowa Summer Writing Festival, Arthaus Decorah, and occasional residencies. She received an MFA from the University of Iowa. She currently lives in a log house in the woods with her husband and a 20 pound cat named Ferdinand Magellan.

Selected Works

Funny and nostalgic ... Melby deftly captures her family’s seemingly endless lakeside summers and the inevitable letting go of childhood.
Rob Spillman
Endearing... An outpouring of tender, witty memories.
Publisher's Weekly
poetry and music